Tuesday, February 10, 2015

exchange to daegu (2014)

In 2014, I had a trip to Daegu and I am going to share the experiences and photos in this blog.
And there are some photos of KNU, that I study here in Daege. 
 My school name in Korean.
And the followings are the buildings around our school.
 Here is the well-known romantic road next to my campus!
I had been to the cultural festival in Daegu. Many Korean students and citizen came and join this event!
There are many special and attractive art works on the street.
It is the unforgettable experience in Daegu!!


  1. I am going to travel to Korea also! Where do you suggest me to go travel?

  2. awesome! how long have u stayed there?

  3. Bravo!!! Who go to Korea with you??

  4. i will go to the Netherlands for exchange too.
    hope i can as happy as you:)